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Our Strategy

Social media is an important tool for modern businesses to establish brand awareness, reach potential customers and most importantly, grow revenue. Using this tool can be tricky business and requires developing a strong and targeted strategy that uses real world data, analysis and structured content development. 

Our extensively researched and tested framework lays out a process that analyzes your current social media accounts and strategy and identifies areas to focus on. We then ensure your customers data is being utilized and tracked, while a clear and attainable goal-oriented plan is established and implemented. 

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Social Media Audit

Audit’s can sound scary, but these ones aren’t. Our goal is to review all your social media accounts and using our structured audit process we will identify missing or incomplete aspects of each account and lay out a process to align all accounts and create brand cohesion. 


Set social media goals that align with your business objectives. 

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Specific: Clear is key. Does “increase engagement” mean 1000 new followers or 10,000? Social media goals need to be specific to help you track progress and measure success.


Measurable: Each goal needs some kind of metric. “Improve customer service” is a great concept, but it’s not a goal unless you have a way to measure that improvement. We will ensure each goal is measurable and that differences can be noted.


Attainable: Your social media goals should absolutely require you to stretch, but they should be within reach if you put in the required work. We can always set new and bigger goals once the smaller ones are reached.


Relevant: This is the piece that ties your goal-setting back to larger business objectives. If your goal involves increasing Facebook likes, for example, make sure you understand how that will benefit the business. Usually that means increasing revenue overall, and we need to address that. 


Timely: Deadlines keep everyone accountable, including us. We will ensure a timeframe for completion of each goal so you know what’s going each step of the way. We can create milestones that are easy to understand to allow for quick check ins on progess. 

Track Metrics

Likes, comments and follows are all great metrics to be aware of, and can be effective indicators of social media growth, but more specific indicators can be used to measure the direct effect social media has on your business. Focusing on targets such as leads generated, web referrals, and conversion rate are strong indicators of the power of social media as a tool. 

A few metrics that we use to measure your social media’s success are:

Brand Awareness (monitoring mentions of company)
Audience Growth Rate
Post Reach
Potential Reach
Social Share of Voice (SSoV)
Applause Rate
Average Engagement Rate
Amplification Rate
Virality Rate
Conversion Rate
Click Through Rate
Bounce Rate
Cost Per Click (CPC)
...and More!

Audience research 

Create audience persona

Understanding who your customer is can be extremely useful and creating a “mock” persona from your current information is a good first start to understanding who to target in our campaigns. We will create a detailed profile including your customers location, age, median salary, and more to get a realistic view of your top customers. 

Gather Data

Using your intuition and knowledge about your customer can be powerful because after all, you’re the expert in your industry. However it is common for important data to be overlooked, causing businesses to potentially lose out on big money. In short, data is key.

Look-alike audiences (advertising)

Social media advertising is a very targeted way to reach customers who are active online and looking for your companies products or services. Using important audience data we can create campaigns targeting people who have expressed interest in your business, or businesses like yours. The more data we have, the more targeted the advertisement, and that means lower advertising costs and high conversion rates. 


Competition research 

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service.

What social channels are your competitors using? How does your business match up in terms of followers, likes, etc? How frequently are they posting? 


  • Use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

  • Social listening

  • What works, what does not work. 

  • Are your customers talking about competitors, but not you? Why is that?

Set up accounts and improve existing profiles

Using information derived from our social media audit we will ensure your social channels are all optimized and set up for success. That means high quality logos, cover photos, informative biographies, appropriate links and more. We’ll set you up for success.

Find inspiration

Top accounts & Brands


  • What colors, themes and font styles are they using? 

  • Constantly updating inspiration documents to remain current in the quickly adapting world of social media. 

Create a social media content posting schedule

When to post content and how much. 


  • 80-20 rule. (80% information, education, fun, etc; 20% directly related to product, company or brand). 

  • We will ensure content is delivered consistently using a general theme to establish brand continuity. 

  • This step uses all data, inspiration, competition research and more and compiles it together to create a measurable and effective social media plan. We will completely take over your accounts. 

Test, evaluate, and adjust strategy

The internet is constantly changing, and that can be extremely magnified in the social media realm. What works one day may not work the next. We are constantly learning, updating our processes and staying up to date with the latest trends and tools. We will ensure this is implemented in your social accounts and in the content we create on a daily basis. 


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